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BOL training video


​This short tutorial of just over 20 minutes gives a quick overview of Yellowfin 9.

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Yellowfin version 9 sales training


This informative training video is just over an hour and 20 minutes with excellent features and benefits of this release explained.  

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Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, has announced the release of Yellowfin 9 which introduces an incredibly flexible, action-based dashboard builder and progressive data storytelling capabilities that advance the capability of the dashboard experience. This ground-breaking release also powers enhancements to the reimagined Yellowfin Mobile App, and rolls out Yellowfin Present (formerly Storyboard), an advanced secure presentation tool. 

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Is your BI solution keeping up with where a BI solution should be today?


Business intelligence (BI) is as much about incremental advancements as big ones that make the user's experience richer and more versatile and allow them to present their data in the best way possible.  

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Business is nothing but collaborative. So why isn't business intelligence?


Business, by its very nature, is collaborative. And yet business intelligence (BI), the ultimate goal-enabler, is not – often robbing the organisation of its corporate memory around decision-making. 

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Three phases of automated analytics maturity


 When looking at how vendors are tackling augmented analysis, or automated analytics, there are three distinct phases of maturity:

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Five important trends for 2019


So, exactly what will be driving the analytics space next year? 

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How to get ETL under control


What do you do when your ETL load is out of control, your team is maxed out, and turnaround times are defined in weeks instead of days? Since ETL is still 70% of every analytics project, the answer to this question will likely provide a breakthrough in the speed of insight delivery to the business.

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How to design effective analytic dashboards that look incredible and 8 easy steps

Dashboards are the go-to data hubs that businesses rely on for decision making. They provide visual answers to business questions so people can act fast on opportunities and issues. Dashboards are powerful tools.
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When Cloud BI makes sense and when it doesn't


Cloud BI isn't a silver bullet.  It's just about deploying software in a difference place … the same challenges exist …

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Five key innovations that have BI what it is today


The following five innovations have all significantly shaped the current era of business intelligence (BI).  

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Yellowfin repeats strong global performance with robust growth in South Africa


  Global business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform yellowfin is following up strong global growth in 2017 with continuing expansion of its South African customer base and regional footprint.

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The key trends that I think will dominate the BI industry in 2018


These trends are being driven by several factors including the huge investments that have been made in AI, governance issues that have been associated with desktop analytic products, the increasing push toward enterprise products and the growing demand to leverage big data in all industries.

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The 5 most common mistakes when embedding analytics


 I've spent the past 20 years working in analytics. Over that time, the industry has come a long way, in both impact and awareness. Whilst for many years my family and friends described my job as "IT", today they know and understand what I do for a living (although I do still get calls to fix their internet).

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Is it time to fire your BI team?


There are many signs that your BI team isn't performing. Perhaps your peers are constantly complaining about analytics or you don't have the numbers you need to make decisions. Or your BI team may only be reacting to requests rather than delivering insights that add value and excite your business.

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The 101 guide to designing beautiful analytics


When you're designing a BI application to embed into your product, it's important to design it for the many different people that will be using it.

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What to do with dirty data?


What great terms – "Dirty" and "Ugly" data. The descriptions are damning, suggesting something that should never be seen, let alone experienced.

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Yellowfin 7.4 Little Things: More information at the tip of your finger

Advanced tooltips allow you to drill-down, filter data, and perform analysis quickly and with ease.
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Yellowfin 7.4 revolutionizes how you get data insights and helps you discover the ‘Why’

Yellowfin 7.4

What if you could understand why your metrics have changed without putting in hours of extra work digging deeper into your analytics? 

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Smoke CI pioneers real-time customer intelligence with Yellowfin BI provided by AIGS


Smoke Customer Intelligence, the leading provider of customer experience management software, has partnered with AIGS and yellowfin BI to overlay its customer feedback surveys with hard customer intelligence (CI), taking customer experience to the next level of strategic enablement.  

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