Yellowfin - Making business easy


View and share multiple third-party application data with Yellowfin connectors and pre-built content, allowing you to combine data from different focus areas, applications and data sources like social media, across the entire business.

Review marketing costs whilst simultaneously assessing campaign ROI via Facebook analytics, website traffic, increased sales …  Evaluate feedback from surveys whiles monitoring social media to measure the impact of changes made … Have online/immediate access to external sources like exchange rates/weather data, etc. to make decisions on next actions …

Announcing, even more, data source connections;

- QuickBooks
- Xero
- Salesforce
- SugarCRM
- Survey Monkey 
- Survey Gizmo
- Google analytics
- Social media ... and many more

Yellowfin … helping clients solve problems by harnessing ALL your data to increase overall business performance.

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